• Location: Santa Cruz Mountains, California
  • Elevation: 1,175 feet
  • Proximity to the Pacific Ocean: 11.5 miles
  • Row Orientation: North to South on a rolling hill
  • Clones: Head Trained, Own Rooted, Old suite case clonal selection
  • Soil: Zayante Sand Soils with 15 million year old sediment deposits
  • Geological Formation: Santa Margaritta Formation
  • Age: 15 million years
  • Vine age: 45 Years

Zayante Vineyard sits on a ridge in the upper reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Zayante is a very old property that has had grapes planted on it for nearly 140 years! Initially the land was provided under a grant by Ulysses S. Grant (18th President). Today the land is owned by Greg Starkey who planted this specific block by hand over 45 years. While primitive, today it’s refreshing that the vineyard was planted without rootstock, on it’s own roots and has always been dry farmed. This has a big influence on the quality being simply astounding.