McDougall Ranch

  • Location: Sonoma Coast, California
  • Elevation: 935-1,030 feet
  • Proximity to the Pacific Ocean: 3.5 miles
  • Row Orientation: Magnetic North to South with a South to South West exposure
  • Clones: Pinot Noir Dijon clones 114 & 115 on 44-53 rootstock
  • Soil: Graywacke, sandstone
  • Geological Formation: Franciscan Complex
  • Age: Late Cretaceous, 145 Million years
  • Spacing 8′ x 5′
  • Vine age: 20 years
  • 1.7 miles North of Hirsch

At 935+ feet elevation and a mere 3.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, McDougall Ranch truly is a unique, cool climate site. Farming is left to the hands of Ulises Valdez, whose skills are in a league of their own. Planted in 1998 on a southern slope to clone 114, the vineyard beautifully expresses varietal correctness. Hirsch Vineyard can be seen on the next southern ridge.